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About us

IMPULS HEMIJA doo, is a private company from Novi Sad which was founded in 1996. The main activity is the production and sale of chemical products that have wide usage, mainly in different branches of industry for washing and disinfection of the technical equipment for production of food and beverages as well as maintaining the personal hygiene and the hygiene of dwellings and business premises and vehicles.
IMPULS HEMIJA doo has all the necessary resources for doing this activity such as the professional and quality manpower, infrastructure (the storage of raw materials, warehouses and reservoirs, the production hall, the storage of final products), production equipment, well-equipped laboratories for quality control and development, vehicles for transportation of its products to their customers (ADR). Our company is the biggest national producer of chemical cleaning products for industrial usage.
It owns the complete equipment for production and package of powder and liquid products (dishes for preparation of our products, mixers, semi-automatic line for filling up and packaging liquid products, a line for filling up powder products).
U IMPULS HEMIJI doo employs highly educated, professional and experienced personnel-engineers of technology and biotechnology and chemists. Production process is maintained under the surveillance of technologists and the quality control service. We offer our customers the complete support in applying our products in order for them to be more effective and to optimize the production.

What we produce

  • Industrial chemicals (products for washing based on non-organic and organic bases and acids, disinfection products, anti-foam products, products for filtering wastewater etc.)
  • Car-cosmetics (antifreezes, products for washing windshield, different sprays, pastes, products for disinfection etc.)
  • Home chemistry (detergents, washing machine and dishwasher, toilets, cleaning glass, liquid soaps, disinfectants, etc.)

„Čisto da se zna“

Our business slogan „Čisto da se zna“ (word play-'for the record' and 'so clean that it speaks for itself') shows not only what we produce (cleanness, purity, hygiene, which represents our main activity) but it delivers the message that we are the serious and responsible partner on the market with clear business politics where we especially focus on the intention to fulfill the requests and expectations of our customers and on increasing their satisfaction through constantly improving the quality of our products and services.


Long and rich experience in production and application of products in industry, knowledge and the practical experience of our technologists and chemists all serve as a guarantee of quality and economical maintaining the cleanliness of the equipment and production plants.


  • Counseling and professional help in applying products and complete professional help throughout the application of our products
  • monitoring of consumption and efficiency of used products
  • trainings for usage and safe work
  • complete documentation
  • all types of products used for washing, cleaning and disinfection of the equipment and production plants
  • fast and reliable delivery without the need to create the stock due to transportation costs
  • delivery by our own vehicles (with ADR permits for both vehicles and drivers)
  • good prices
  • the possibility of agreeing on the means of payment...
ISO znak

Therefore, we are sure to be your reliable and confident partner in providing products for maintaining hygiene of the production equipment as well as offering the complete service-from the delivery to the safe application with the quality guarantee of our products.