Preserving the environment

It is highly important to IMPULS HEMIJA to protect and preserve the environment which is also the obligation of every individual and every institution in order to leave the resources that we have nowadays to the future generations.
IMPULS HEMIJA accepted the Policy of protecting the environment which, beside its compliance with the Law and its regulations and standards, organizes the production process in such way to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Principles covered by this kind of Policy are:

  • identification, monitoring and control of all aspects of environment
  • prevention and reduction of pollution
  • integrating management of wastewater
  • Trainings and constant encouraging of our staff members to keep improving the protection of the environment
  • Constant improving the work conditions in order to have safe work and to protect the local population

Contact us for all your questions, concerns and suggestions connected to the protection of the environment: office@impulshemija.rs

Policy of Quality and Protection of the Environment

IMPULS HEMIJA has got the certificate of quality, ISO 9001:2008, and the certificate of protection of the environment, ISO14001:2004. This means that we always work in concordance with the accepted procedures and instructions for the purchasing and control of raw material, the control of production process and final products and for the reducing the negative impact on the environment.

IMPULS HEMIJA strives to realize its production process and to satisfy its customers by raising the total quality of its work and to do business with the least possible negative impact on the environment while taking care of the health of its staff members.